02 July 2008

BMW vs Audi Real world brand engagement exercise part 1

My wife would like to buy a new car. And who can blame her? She bought her BMW 3 series new, nearly 7 years ago so she is overdue a new one.
Now, she's always been a BMW owner and our experiences with my Mercedez Benz have been such a nightmare that she has no intention of changing to a Mercedez.
The trouble is, our experiences over the last 6 months with BMW sales personnel have also been disapointing. Then I saw an ad in the NST for the new Audi A4 and suggested we at least go and have a look at it. Surprisingly, she agreed.
So I decided to make the whole experience a little more interesting. I decided to carry out a sort of anecdotal mystery shop or brand audit. Create a play off featuring two iconic automotive brands with the winner taking all, well, getting our business anyway.
And that's significant because these days, with WOM increasingly important, we entertain and socialise a lot and can definately become brand Ambassadors or advocates and influence purchases of friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
So, on 1st July 2008, I went to the websites of both Audi Malaysia and BMW Malaysia and filled out the "request for information forms".
Over the next days, weeks and months, I'll report on the sales process, how & when they contact me, how I'm dealt with, if I'm invited to meet how they sell to me and so on.


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Interesting to know.

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